European Awards Recognize Green Friendly Firms

BRUSSELS, Belgium, December 6, 2000 (ENS) - A company's whose technology allows medical images to be obtained without the use of chemicals was among those recognized as the best and brightest at the European Awards for the Environment 2000.

European Environment Commissioner Margot Wallström presented the awards Tuesday to four innovative firms in the field of sustainable development.


UK company ENTEC was recognized for its work in helping Egyptian authorities reduce waste disposal into the Nile. (Photo courtesy ENTEC)
Each firm stood out from a list of 80 competitors in four fields - management, product, technology and international partnership.

"By taking steps to save resources both in manufacturing processes and in the use of products, these firms have shown that sustainable development and greater competitiveness go hand in hand," said Wallstrom.

"The use of instruments to conserve natural resources, including energy, water and raw materials, inevitably results in increases in competitiveness."


European Environment Commissioner Margot Wallström. (Photo courtesy Leila Mead/IISD)
The winners were selected from 13 nominees by a European jury made up of 10 members chaired by Philippe Bodson, senator and honorary chairman of the Federation of Belgian Industry. Members of the jury were from academic, industrial, political and institutional circles in nine of the European Union's 15 member states.

The winners were:

Wallström said that the next edition, due to be held in 2002, will feature more awards to attract more types of European firms.